Don’T Freak Baby Out This Halloween

Halloween can be a super-scary event for newborns, babies and toddlers. Celebrate the holiday without scaring your little one for life.

Avoid scary costumes/sights

Say what?! There are actually many ways to avoid the scary side of Halloween for your children’s early holiday celebrations. Don’t take baby to any scary Halloween stores, parties or haunted houses.

Keep Halloween happy, not scary

Instead enjoy fun fall/Halloween happenings like taking a hay ride, strolling through a corn maze and picking pumpkins. Remember that babies and young kids can get overwhelmed very quickly. Keep outings short and select times when baby is not expected to be napping. Skipping a nap for the sake of some Halloween fun could backfire on you.

Don’t trick or treat after dark

Older kids, tweens and teens don’t generally start their trick or treating until after dark. Take advantage of the early evening to take baby for a stroll around the neighborhood to trick or treat before the sun goes down.

Stay home

Create a fun Halloween event at home to avoid a scary or traumatic experience for your young child. Carve or paint pumpkins, bake pumpkin seeds, make friendly Halloween crafts (think smiling ghosts and happy pumpkins) and keep candy to a minimum.

When answering the door to pass out candy, keep baby out of sight from frighteningly dressed trick or treaters. When little ones come by to trick or treat, bring baby out to check out the fun and friendly costumes.

Pass on elaborate costumes

Instead of dressing baby in an elaborate costume that might just put him in a grumpy mood all night, opt for a cute Halloween onesie or pajamas. That way he’ll be comfortable and cute!

Forget candy

Yes, we know that candy is part of the Halloween tradition. But as long as you can avoid serving candy to your children, we suggest you do it. Instead, make some healthy alternatives like pumpkin oatmeal cookies or pumpkin pancakes on Halloween morning.

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