Save Your Sanity With Some Sleep

Motherhood can take a toll on you, especially if you are lacking in the sleep department. Don’t let lack of shut-eye usurp your sanity! Steal some sleep with these tips.

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Nap when baby naps

Yea, yea… you’ve heard it before. But when baby is only sleeping for short periods of time between waking, especially at night, you’re sleep will be severely affected. So when baby goes down, fight the urge to do the dishes or clean the countertops… they’ll be there when you wake up.

Take shifts

Discuss splitting the waking-up-with-baby duties with your partner so you each get a chance to get some good zzzz’s at least a few nights a week. Take turns sleeping in on the weekend as well.

Ask for help

When you’re truly sleep deprived, simple tasks like driving can become dangerous. Instead of trying to get by on minimal sleep, call in a favor from a more-than-willing new grandma (hint, hint your mom!) or best friend. There’s no doubt you’ll have plenty of anxious family members and friends who would love to watch baby for a few hours while you get some precious sleep.

Grab a power nap

While your partner is feeding baby, playing with him or giving him a bath, take the opportunity to get in a quick 20- or 30-minute nap to energize you and get you through the next few hours until baby goes to bed.

Rest your body, not your eyes

Even if you can’t get in a full nap, lie down with baby as he plays with blocks on the floor or buckle him into the swing and recline with a magazine as baby gently rocks.

Hire a night nanny

If you and your partner both have to work long hours during the day and baby is waking multiple times a night, consider hiring a night nanny to handle the babies duties after dark.

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