30-Weeker Delivered Safely

Can you imagine -- boarding a plane at 30 weeks and coming off as a new mom? This mom did -- here is her story.

Drinking water on an airplane

Most doctors give moms-to-be the green light to fly until around 36 weeks, so when Anastasia Kozlova boarded a flight from Ukraine to Moscow at 30 weeks, she certainly wasn’t expecting to have her baby on board -- but that’s exactly what happened.

Born at 35,000 feet

Once she realized she was in labor, four flight attendants and one nurse who happened to be on board stepped in to help her. The delivery was uneventful but the baby wasn’t breathing when she was born, but the nurse was able to clear the baby’s nose and mouth by sucking out the mucus.

Once the excitement was over, mom and baby were whisked away to a hospital after landing in a Ukraine airport and were reported to both be in good health.

Flying danger?

You’ll have to consult with your medical practitioner on your specific situation -- there are certain conditions, such as placental insufficiency, sickle cell disease or clotting disorders, that prohibit air travel during pregnancy. Most moms are cleared to fly, however, especially during the middle of pregnancy when moms feel the best.

If you’re at danger of preterm delivery, your window for air travel may be even smaller -- and even journeys by car or train may be limited. But usually, moms can travel well into the 8th month of pregnancy.

There are steps you can take to increase your flying comfort -- drink plenty of fluids and take frequent walks. Air travel can dehydrate you and you’ll want to keep your blood flowing properly, particularly on a long flight.

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