Baby's First Cold

When baby gets struck with his first cold, new parents may tend to panic. No need. Take a deep breath and treat baby’s cold with confidence.

crying baby with a cold

How to tell if baby has a cold

If baby has a runny nose and is coughing and sneezing but otherwise eating, sleeping and playing normally, he may be experiencing a simple cold. Babies tend to get a lot of colds in their young lives since their immune systems are still so immature at this stage and because of contact with older children and adults. With most colds, there is no need to worry. There are some ways you can keep baby comfortable during his first cold, however.

  • Utilize a humidifier to add moisture to the air, which will help soothe baby’s symptoms
  • Keep baby well hydrated by giving him plenty of fluids
  • Sit with him in a steamy bathroom to help clear his congestion
  • Keep him warm and bundled up, cuddle with him, sing to him and rock him to soothe any discomfort he may be feeling.
  • If he is a newborn, regardless if he has a fever or not associated with his cold, see your pediatrician right away as a common cold could result in croup or pneumonia in newborns.


In most cases, a fever shouldn’t send you into a frenzy either. But there are times when a fever may be the sign of something worse than the common cold.

  • If baby runs a consistent high fever, contact your pediatrician right away. In this situation, a cold with a fever may be a sign of something more serious that needs to be treated by your pediatrician. The flu may be associated with a fever along with diarrhea or throwing up.
  • If your child is six weeks old or less and runs a fever of 101 or higher, get him to the doctor or emergency room ASAP!
  • If your baby is limp and not able to communicate with you as he normally does (even in his own baby gibberish), is unresponsive or truly irritable, you should see his pediatrician right away.

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