Transitional Season? Layers, Mama!

The seasons are gearing up to change, and nobody is more sensitive to the weather than a pregnant woman. Dressing for the fall is as simple as layering it up so you can customize your comfort as your day goes on.

Fall weather

Layers are where it’s at

The basic principle to keep in mind as a pregnant woman in the fall is that layering is key. My favorite article of clothing during my last pregnancy was a maternity cardigan. Once, I misplaced it and had a few moments of panic -- that’s how integral it was to my life at that point. I only had one but you can keep a few to cycle through, especially if you think someone might notice that you wear the same thing every day.

You can also layer shirts. If it’s cold in the morning, wear a long-sleeved shirt under or over a t-shirt, and when you start getting too warm, head to the bathroom to change. A lightweight cotton button-down shirt also makes a good addition to your maternity wardrobe -- for starters, it’s breathable but still adds some protection from the morning chill. And as a bonus, it’s easily removable.

Dress it up

Also, a good maternity dress will prove worth its weight in gold. Choose a basic style in a solid color that can be paired with countless tops or sweaters -- again, crucial for peeling off layers when you start to overheat, yet it will still look cute on its own.

Layering pants isn’t as easy or practical, but you can buy pants that roll up easily to cool off your lower legs. A dress paired with knee-high socks is another option -- take ‘em off if you get too hot.

Keep it handy

As soon as you cool off, you may get too cool, so keep an oversized bag handy to carry around your extra layers so you can put them back on again when you need them -- and you likely will!

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