Baby's Day Out

As a new mom, you may struggle with taking baby out to do normal things like attending church, grocery shopping or dining out.

mom out with newborn

In the first weeks of baby’s life, you may want to avoid very popular (i.e. germy!) places like your fave shopping mall. Beyond that, feel free to take baby out and about!

Pack extras

You never know what baby might need in the time you’re going to be out whether it’s 30 minutes or five hours, so plan ahead. Pack your diaper bag accordingly with plenty of extra milk or a nursing cover if you’ll be breastfeeding, change of clothes, socks and a light sweater, toys, pacifier, diapers, wipes, and anything else your baby needs on regular basis. Also bring your baby carrier or stroller to transport baby when he doesn't want to be held anymore.

Pick a good time to venture out

After baby has been napped, fed and changed, he’s likely in a very good mood. Now’s a good time for an outing. If you’re trying to get baby on a sleep schedule, avoid heading out during nap. But consider how you’re planning to raise your baby – around his schedule or yours. Now is the time to get baby accustomed to a particular lifestyle. If you plan on raising your baby on the go, there is no time like the present to get him used to your spontaneously lifestyle. Same goes for the structured schedule lifestyle.

Expect the unexpected

Your usually subdued baby may start unexpectedly crying during church or a nice dinner. Don’t sweat it. If you can’t settle baby within a minute or two, take baby out into the lobby/foyer so you don’t interrupt other’s time. Once baby is calmed down, feel free to take him back into the environment. Don’t apologize for baby’s behavior – he’s just doing what it natural to him! But don’t be that mom that lets baby’s cries drown out the church choir or the piano at a nice restaurant.


Be aware that baby’s first outings may cause stress and overstimulation for him. Try to make your first outings short and always have a back-up plan if baby is inconsolable. Make sure you have a private area in which to escape to nurse baby if you’re not comfortable breastfeeding in public yet. You also don’t want to torture baby (or others around you), so at some point you may have to abandon your plans in favor of heading back home to calm baby down.

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