Get Up, Get Movin’

Working out may not be the first priority on your list during your pregnancy, but studies show staying active when you’re expecting is beneficial for many reasons. So get moving!

pregnant woman exerciseing

Prep for the gym

Pack your gym bag and get dressed in your gym clothes as you normally would before a work out... even if you’re not convinced you’re actually going to get yourself there. Sometimes just getting in your workout clothes is enough to get your motivated to take the next step – getting your butt going!

Switch up your workout

High intensity exercising should be reserved for serious athletes or forgone altogether until after you recover from delivery. Check with your doctor to get his okay on high intensity workouts or considering swapping your major sweat sesh for a prenatal yoga class or brisk walk around the neighborhood. Switching your exercise program to one ideal for an expectant woman will likely help you maintain your workout regime throughout your pregnancy.

Enlist a buddy

Whether it's your next door neighbor or your best friend who also happens to be pregnant, form a buddy system to keep one another on track for exercising. When you really don’t feel like working out, it helps to have someone to help you be accountable. Together, you can motivate one another!

Reward yourself

Set a goal for the week, say three to four mini 30-minute exercise sessions. If you meet your goal, reward yourself with a little gift like new lipstick, that cute maternity shirt you’ve been coveting or even a new outfit for baby on the way.

Cut yourself some slack

If you’re not feeling well, don’t force yourself to exercise. Listen to your body and respect the changes it's going through. If you’re just too tired to exercise, remember that a brisk walk can sometimes zap your pregnancy fatigue and re-energize you.

Take caution

If you feel dizzy, faint or ill in any way as you are exercising, stop your activity right away. Bring plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout your workout. If you have any concerns about your pregnant workout routine, check with your doctor.

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