Say Buh-Bye To The Binky

A pacifier can be a very effective tool in soothing baby in the beginning stages of life. But at some point, you’ll need to help baby say goodbye to his binky.

crying baby girl

The earlier the better

Just like any addiction, the longer baby is dependent on the paci, the tougher it will be to move on without it. Consider that before ever introducing baby to a pacifier. However, if you do find your baby attached to his binky, start breaking his dependence on it before he gets too old.

Shorten baby’s time with his paci

If baby constantly has a paci in his mouth, slowly start limiting his periods with the binky to specific times like before bed or nap, during reading/quiet times or during particularly fussy times like a car ride or visit to the doctor.

Find a replacement

It may not be that your baby is so much attached to the power of the pacifier as he is to the comfort it provides him with. Find a small soft blankie, a fuzzy squeezable stuffed animal or other such lovely that can provide your baby with that same comfort/soothing that he’s been getting from his beloved binky.

Explain it

If your binky-obsessed baby is old enough to communicate with, explain why it is time to move on from his pacifier. Make giving up the pacifier like a rite of passage into “big kid-hood.” Leaving his pacifier behind might not be so difficult if he feels like it is his choice to give it up.

Go cold turkey

You also have the option of going cold turkey – simply taking the pacifier away and not offering it to baby anymore. This could be tough for a few days, but it is likely that baby will get over his binky addiction fairly quickly. You can also leave the pacifier under his pillow for the “Binky Fairy” to take. Baby may excite in the fact that she will leave a surprise in place of the used binky!

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