Help Him Bond Early

Is your partner a little unsure of your pregnancy because he’s having a hard time relating to what you’re going through? Or perhaps he’s simply feeling a little left out? Here are a few ways to get him involved in your pregnancy as you prepare for your baby.

Pregnant woman with her husband

Help your man get more out of your pregnancy with these tips, which should help him feel more connected to you -- and your baby.

Invite him to the doctor

Have him attend doctor or midwife checkups with you. If he’s able to attend, have him go to as many as possible, but make sure that the big appointments -- such as the first, or when you have a sonogram -- are ones he goes to. That first glimpse of your baby may be as emotionally powerful for him as it is you.

Give him reading material

Ok, so my husband barely glanced through the copy of an "expecting daddy" book I bought him, but some guys enjoy learning as much about pregnancy and their growing baby as you do. You may be surprised at how into it they get, and it may lead to good discussions on how you want your birth to go or decisions, such as circumcision, that you may need to make in the future.

Let him feel kicks

It will be awhile before your baby’s movement can be felt by someone other than yourself, but once it happens it’s so much fun to share with Dad. My husband even enjoyed watching and feeling the babies while I slept.

Be intimate

No, I don’t mean have sex -- unless you feel like it. Because, let’s face it, sometimes sex during pregnancy can be uncomfortable, to downright vomit-inducing if you’re still feeling queasy. But you can maintain an intimate relationship by spending time focusing on your life as a couple, even if it’s a simple hand hold during a movie.

Some dads don’t really get into pregnancy, and if your partner is one, don’t worry -- it has no bearing on how good of a dad he will be. But with a book stashed in the bathroom and baby kicks, punches and rolls, he may get more into it than he was before.

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