Milk Your Pregnancy For All It's Worth

While pregnancy can have it's side effects, it also has some major pluses!

pregnant woman and husband

10. You have a free pass

If you don’t feel like going to the gym one or two days or really want to have a second scoop of ice cream. Just. This. Once. You can! Pregnancy is a time to focus on you and your body, and while your pregnancy and delivery will likely go much more smoothly if you maintain your doctor-approved exercise routine and healthy eating, skipping the gym or having a bite or two more dessert than you had planned on isn’t going to hurt. Enjoy!

9. You are the center of attention

People – even strangers – love to see a pregnant woman. Expect people to give up their seat for you, open the door for you and generally fawn over you asking about your baby and your pregnancy. Just make sure they know not to touch the belly.

8. Your man will fall even more in love with you

One of the most amazing parts of pregnancy is that you and your husband are not just a couple anymore – you are a family and preparing to welcome your newest member together. Its exciting time for both of you and your man is probably in awe of your amazing ability to grow a little human inside of you. You rock, mama. So revel in it.

7. Foot rubs and shoulder massages

Thanks to your pregnant state, your man is probably going to dote on you more than ever. Get ready for great feet rubs and shoulder massages or a late night drive-thru run from your man to satisfy your current craving. Bonus!

6. Your hair will be full and fabulous

Your hair may seem fuller and thicker during pregnancy. This is a result of a change in hormones causing your hair to fall out at a slower rate. Work that big, sexy hair!

5. Your nails will grow longer and stronger

Once again, thanks to pregnancy hormones, your nails will grow long and strong so pamper your pregnant self with a nice manicure to show off those digits.

4. You’ll have that glow

You’ve heard of the pregnancy glow, right? Well, you’ve got it. Flaunt it. ‘Nuff said.

3. Your skin will look great

Many women experience thirst during pregnancy and quench it with lots of water. Smart move. All that water can help revitalize your skin.

2. You can pretty much get your way in an argument

We’re not suggesting you pull the pregnant card all the time. But, it’s pretty much a given that if you and your man have a tiff while your pregnant, you can pour on the sympathy and he’ll start gushing over you all over again. Use this tactic with caution, ladies.

1. You have a little you growing inside you

Of course the number one best part of being pregnant is that you are making a child. Your child. Talk to it. Nourish it. Bond with baby, even before it’s born. This is an amazing time in your life so be grateful and enjoy each moment of your pregnancy.

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