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If you’re newly pregnant, you may be looking ahead to the possibility of pregnancy stretch marks. Can they be prevented?

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Once your skin gets stretched to the max, little stretch marks may start popping out -- or even bigger ones. They most often grace the belly, but can also appear on the hips, butt, thighs and breasts. Is there anything you can do now to keep them under control, or get rid of them after your baby is born?

Keep to your recommended weight gain

Stick to a healthy, nutritious diet and keep the ice cream desserts to a minimum in order to keep to a weight gain. A slow, steady weight gain may keep stretch marks from appearing.

Alter your genetics

Just kidding, of course, but usually moms who are prone to stretch marks have mothers who were also prone -- it can be hereditary.


Drinking water will hydrate you from the inside out, and applying lotions and creams will help keep your skin from itching. There is no evidence that says that it will reduce or prevent stretch marks, though.

Come to terms

You might try to come to terms if and when they start appearing. Stretch marks are a mother’s ultimate badge of honor. I didn’t get any to speak of during my first pregnancy, but got a whole slew with my second baby, who cooked a little longer. I still find them endearing, although it’s been 13 years since his birth and they have faded to a silvery white.

My heart hasn’t been the same since I had my babies, so why should my body?

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