Reach Those Feet!

As your pregnancy progresses, your belly gets in the way of activities that you used to take for granted. Here are a few tips for working around your baby belly late in your pregnancy.

Pregnant mom shaving her legs

That belly! Full of glorious baby, yet in the way of so many things that you're used to doing.


Oh, those glorious days of shaving -- your legs, your bikini line … are they gone until your baby is born? Some moms, this writer included, could care less about hair or lack thereof -- in other words, I didn’t feel it was worth great amounts of time dealing with. Of course, all of my pregnancies ended in the cooler months which allowed for pants, so a summer pregnancy would have likely garnered more shaving.

This isn’t to say I never did it, it was just more rare. I found that sitting down and pulling my leg to the side worked better than trying to bring my knee up, which of course was basically impossible. Some brave moms also let their partner do the shaving, including bikini line trimming. Mirrors also come in very handy, because some parts of your body you simply can’t see any more with a burgeoning belly.

Tying those shoes

The ridiculous action of trying to bend over and tie a shoe was good enough for a comedy act in the late stages of my pregnancies. I resorted to shoes that I didn’t have to tie -- slip them on and forget about them. I also had my husband help if need be, or my older children. But really, slip-on shoes were a lifesaver.

A food catcher

My giant belly also seemed to have an unusual attraction for the food I was eating. Rare was a meal that went by without a dollop of something landing on the biggest part of my body, which is of course what everyone seems to look at as you’re walking around. I actually started to use table napkins over my belly because I was tired of the mess.

Cuddling your older baby

It was a sad day indeed when my older child could no longer comfortably sit on my lap for a cuddle or a book because my belly caused him to slide right off. We resorted to sitting side by side and snuggling that way, under a blanket, or with a book at bedtime. After his sister was born, we enjoyed snuggling the old-fashioned way yet again.

Fortunately the large-belly syndrome that accompanies late pregnancy is temporary and you’ll be back to your old shaving, shoe-tying, non-food-dribbling, cuddling self in no time.

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