Moderate, Don't Eliminate

Pregnancy cravings are fickle -- dependent on your queasy tummy or simply what you’re desperately in the mood for. Here are a few ways to boost the nutrition in your pregnancy snacking.

Pregnant cravings

Ah, cravings. When I was pregnant, it always felt like I could eat whatever I wanted -- after all, I was growing a baby! Babies need food, right? However, craving soda pop and Pop Tarts isn’t, at all, laying a proper nutritional foundation for a baby to grow from. How can you moderate your cravings while still giving in to them, at least a little?

Don’t cut yourself off

Not completely. If you crave coffee, for instance, but you know that you shouldn’t be drinking tons of caffeine, get some decaf. There is still some caffeine there but in significantly reduced amounts. Craving ice cream? Buy an ice cream sandwich. Just one. And eat it. Instead of a whole carton of ice cream.


If you crave sweets, litter your home with fruit -- whatever is in season or even canned. Chances are, if it’s around, you will eat it, so instead of hiding little candy bars in your purse, stash it with some dried fruit. If you crave salty snacks, get into a seed habit. I love pumpkin seeds, big time, and they are full of essential fatty acids, fiber and protein. Sunflower seeds are too. You’ll have to watch your sodium intake but seeds are a better option than corn or potato chips.

Add better nutrition

Try to boost up your choices when you can. I craved salad like crazy with my last baby. Lettuce, by itself, isn’t all that super for you, so I added baby spinach and grape tomatoes. Add ground flaxseed to your ice cream or other “dessert” type treats. Green smoothies are good for you anyway and can curb your craving for sweets as well.

Cravings don’t have to be all or nothing -- as with most things, moderation is key and can help

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