Bring The Outside In

Can’t go outside? Don’t fret! Here are a few rainy-day activities that will keep you and your baby busy -- and happy.

Baby playing on the floor

If you and your little one love going outside, but you’re faced with rain clouds when you wake up in the morning, there are a few ways to bring the outside in and have a good time.

Bring in the stroller

Even if you don’t have a large indoor area, bring in your stroller and wheel your baby around for a bit -- especially if she loves going for a walk. It may perk her up or possibly put her to sleep, and can be fun for you to get a little walk in as well.

Open the windows

If it’s not raining cats and dogs, and the air isn’t too cool, let the breezes in. Fresh air is invigorating and can lift your mood up even if the sky is gray and gloomy.

Spread out a blanket

Arrange plenty of floor time for your little one. Pretend you are outside and put down a large blanket for her to practice holding her head up on, roll around on, or crawl around on.

Make room

Take advantage of any large balls or other “outdoorsy” toys she may like by clearing your living room out as much as you can and making it easier to do some practicing of your baby’s large motor skills.

Play in the rain

No, I don’t mean let your baby get drenched, but it can be fun to entice him with some raindrops. Sit on your covered porch, or dash out for a few sprinkles if you can. Older babies may enjoy collecting some rain in a cup and pouring it out -- over and over again.

Dance your day away

Don’t use the gloomy day as an excuse to be bummed out. Your baby will love activity whether it’s indoor or out -- put on your favorite tunes and dance, dance, dance. A happy mom will make for a happy baby, and hopefully tomorrow you can head outdoors.

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