New ICalm App Soothes Crying Babies

Parents everywhere can relate to the frustration and panic that ensues when you just cannot calm your baby down – no matter what you’ve tried. But we bet you haven’t tried this…


Introducing iCalm

Technology has aided us in so many things, why not for helping calm and soothe your baby? The iPhone app iCalm is the brainchild of two new dads who needed a tool to distract their babies from a particularly fussy time or fit of crying. (Think during airplane flights, waiting rooms and other quiet environments where calm, quiet and happy babies are much appreciated!)

The fathers decided to create an iPhone application with combinations of colors and lights to calm and entertain their babies - and dry their tears. Voila! Enter the iCalm app, available now at the App Store for just 99 cents.

icalmUser-friendly app

The iCalm app is perhaps one of the most user-friendly apps for new parents. It offers options of color combinations such as “Calm-plementary I,” a red-green combination, “Calm-bient Nature” a subtle green and brown combination and “Calm-bient Sunset” a pink and orange pattern of colors.

In addition to selecting color combinations, parents can choose the duration of time each color appears on the screen as well as the color transition (fade) time between no fade, quick fade and slow fade.

What you should know about iCalm

Of course, the iCalm is designed to accompany usual forms of calming baby such as rocking, making a “ssshhh”ing sound that mimics sounds baby is used to hearing from the womb and singing to baby. The iCalm app creators did not intend the application to replace the care of a parent’s methods. They also advise that the app not be used for extended periods of time.

Check out the iCalm app yourself at as well as in the entertainment category of the Apple iTunes app store.

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