How To Swaddle Your Baby The Right Way

I have to admit that at first swaddling seemed like some sort of ancient form of baby torture. But once I learned to effectively swaddle my baby, he slept like… well, a baby! Check out our tips on how to swaddle your newborn.

swaddled sleeping baby

What is swaddling?

Swaddling is the term for snuggly wrapping your baby in a blanket with his arms at his sides. When swaddled, properly he’ll in essence look like a tiny burrito with only his sweet head poking out – it’s rather adorable!

Why you should swaddle

Swaddling is great for newborns for many reasons. First of all it keeps baby’s arms safely tucked by his side so he doesn’t accidentally scratch or hit himself with his own startle reflex in the first few days of life. The comfort of a swaddle also keeps newborns nice and warm as their internal thermometers adjust to life outside the womb.

When you should swaddle

The warm and snuggly environment of a swaddle is very soothing for babies and encourages nap or bedtime. If baby is particularly fussy, try wrapping him in a swaddle to calm him down. If you are trying to soothe baby to sleep, the swaddle wrap can also provide the warm and cozy environment that can lull baby. If you are swaddling baby while awake, make sure the swaddle is loose enough at the bottom for him to move his legs around.

How to swaddle baby

Lay a blanket out like a diamond with one point where baby’s head will rest – then fold that top corner down to make a straight edge. Lay baby down on the blanket on his back and so his neck and head are above that straight edge. Gently tuck baby’s left arm down and fold that corner across his arm and tuck it under his right side.

Now repeat the same technique with his right arm, tucking the blanket under his left side. Twist and fold the bottom of the blanket behind baby once again allowing room for baby’s legs to spread apart and wiggle.

When to stop swaddling baby

You can swaddle baby anytime for the first month of his life. After that, you can continue swaddling at night and nap times but avoid swaddling him too often when he’s awake to avoid issues such as hip dysplasia.

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