Soothe Baby’S Teething Pain The Natural Way

Before baby’s first teeth pop through the gums, he’ll already be experiencing teething pain. If you’re skeptical about soothing his pain with over the counter medicine, consider some natural ways to make teething less painful for him… and you.

happy baby teething

A cold towel

Wet then wring out a clean, lint-free wash cloth and put it in the freezer until it gets nice and cold then let baby chew on it to soothe his gums.

Frozen bottle nipple

Fill a small 4-oz. baby bottle with water and freeze it upside down so the water fills up the nipple. Once slushy or frozen, let baby gnaw on the nipple to help numb his sore gums.

Frozen banana

Freeze a banana and let baby gnaw on it or you can put it into a small mesh food feeder/teether like this one. For a mere $8 for two feeders, you can feed baby and ease his pain, too!

Teething biscuits

Try all natural store-bought teething biscuits or you can do it yourself by refrigerating a bagel and letting baby chew on it. The hard texture will feel good on baby’s gums. A full-sized carrot can also do the job if baby is old enough to handle solid food. Always keep an eye on baby when she’s eating just in case she bites off more than she can chew – literally!

Teething rings

You’ll find there is no shortage of products dedicated to easing baby’s teething pain. Peruse your favorite store’s baby aisles – no doubt you’ll find teething rings of all shapes, sizes and textures designed just for baby’s sore gums.

Feed baby cold food

At mealtime, serve baby up some cold foods like applesauce and other pureed fruits and even veggies. A hot/warm meal could irritate baby’s already irritated gums.

Ask your doctor

Once you’ve exhausted all the natural remedies, check with your pediatrician for the best choices when it comes to over the counter teething pain relievers for baby.

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