Stroller Strangulation And Choking Dangers

Peg Perego recently issued a recall due to strangulation and choking hazards. Read on to see if your stroller is included in the recall and what to do now.

Peg Perego stroller recall

Pliko-P3 and Venezia strollers

Peg Perego recalled 223,000 strollers manufactured between January 2004 and September 2007. The recalled Venezia and Pliko-P3 models were made before the industry standards in 2008 required that the leg openings be larger to prevent children from getting trapped and strangled.

The strollers with a singular cup holder have been recalled, not the ones with two cup holders or with the bumper bar in front. To ensure you do not have a model that has been recalled, check the model number printed on a white label. On the Pliko-P3 model, the model number is on the back of the stroller seat. On the Venezia stroller, the label is on the stroller’s footboard. These strollers were sold between January 2004 to September 2010 at retailers nationwide.

Check your stroller for the following recalled model numbers:

Pliko-P3 Stroller Model Numbers

  • IPFR28US34
  • IPPF28NA32 
  • IPFT28NA63
  • IPPF28NA57
  • IPFT28NA64 
  • IPPF28NA65
  • IPP328MU10 
  • IPPF28NA66 
  • IPP328MU09
  • IPPF28NA67
  • IPP328US09
  • IPPF28NA68
  • IPP328US10
  • IPPO28US32
  • IPP329US10 
  • IPPO28US34
  • IPPA28US32
  • IPPO28US62
  • IPPA28US33
  • IPPO28US69
  • IPPA28US34 
  • IPPO28US70
  • IPPD28NA34 
  • IPPO28US71

Venezia Stroller Model Numbers

  • IPVA13MU09
  • IPVA13MU10
  • IPVA13US09
  • IPVA13US10
  • IPVA13US32
  • IPVA13US34
  • IPVC13NA32
  • IPVC13NA34

Voluntary recall

Peg Perego issued the voluntary recall due to one death and an injury as a result of using the product. Sadly, a four-month-old baby died when his head got trapped between the stroller’s seat and tray. A seven-month-old baby was spared the same fate but did suffer injury as a result of that same type of strangulation.

Stop using this product

If you have a stroller with any of the aforementioned model numbers, cease usage of the stroller right away. Contact Peg Perego to obtain a free repair kit.

Contact Peg Perego USA at (888) 734-6020 or online at PegPergoUSA.

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