Keep You And Baby Cool

Nursing a baby in the warm summer months can be uncomfortable. Read on for some tips on how to keep cool.

Baby breastfeeding

This summer has been no joke, temperature-wise, and it can be hard to comfortably nurse a baby when you’re both sweating like crazy. Here are a few ways to keep both you and baby cool as you give her a feeding.


Keep your baby stripped down to his diaper as you go about your day -- or completely naked if you’re feeling brave. It will help keep his core temperature down and the air circulation is good for him.

Use a blankie

It may seem strange to use a blanket when you’re hot, but if you keep a thin layer of breathable material, such as a flannel receiving blanket, between your baby’s body and your arm, you will both sweat less.


Guzzle water like it’s your job. Hot weather can dehydrate you and can have a negative effect on your milk supply, which is bad news for your baby. Your milk is exactly what she needs, so don’t be tempted to give her any water -- she doesn’t need it unless she’s a toddler and nursing less than she did as a younger infant. The more water you drink will help you feel better, too, if you’re feeling the heat.

Make a splash

In the shade, fill up a small baby pool (one big enough for you to get in too). You and your baby will love nursing in the cool water. Just be sure to monitor her often to make sure she’s not getting too cold.

Use washcloths

If you’re nursing your baby outside on a warm day, keep a cool, wet washcloth handy to wipe him down every so often -- and yourself as well.

Stay indoors

On particularly hot days, stay indoors on a lower level in an air conditioned building. If you can avoid going out when it soars above 100, do so -- you’ll both be happier.

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