When To Take Your Newborn Out

After welcoming your new baby, you may wonder when you can take your little bundle out and about. There are some precautions about taking a newborn out of the house -- but the good news is you don’t have to be cooped up in the house for weeks on end after baby arrives.

newborn at home


Take your baby out in the stroller or a carrier for walks outside as long as you are feeling up to it. Fresh air and the stimulating outdoor environment are good for you and baby.


While it’s okay to leave the house, you should not expose to your newborn to crowded places like the mall or a large gathering. It is too risky to expose him to so many people and possible germs so early in his life.


We know you have grocery shopping and other errands to run, and it’s fine to take baby with you. But you should wait for a time when stores are less populated to do errands with your newborn. Remember that stores are often kept very cool so dress baby in an extra layer or bring some blankets to keep him comfortable while you shop.


Even if you are a super-protective mom, resist the urge to keep your newborn cooped up in the house for the first six weeks of his life. If you are apprehensive about going out with baby, spread a blanket out in the backyard and lay with baby or read her a book while you enjoy the outdoors. Or, if it makes you feel better, ask your partner to join you and your little one on a neighborhood walk.


Take your baby to the pediatrician right away if he gets a fever. If infants get a fever or a bacterial infection early in life, they need to be treated immediately. Don’t hesitate to call your pediatrician if you think your baby might need medical attention.

Use your best judgment

Of course there are lots of people wanting to meet your little one. Use your judgment when it comes to visitors. There is no reason why you can’t have loved ones meet your newborn, even in the hospital before you go home -- unless those loved ones are sick or are caring for sick little ones.

Before guests come to visit you and your baby, politely make sure that they are healthy and ask everyone to wash their hands before holding your precious new bundle. Don’t worry about seeming overprotective. Your friends and family will understand and should be happy to oblige your new mom request.

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