The Best Toys … Ever

Who says a baby needs expensive electronic toys? Here are a few ways to turn your kitchen into the play land of his dreams.

Crawling baby boy

Babies love toys because babies learn from playing. They learn cause and effect, spatial relations and how to manipulate something to create something entirely new. Here’s how to create a safe play area in your kitchen.

Lock up your cabinets

Choose one cabinet for your baby’s use and lock up the rest. Store your chemicals, expensive bakeware, glass dishes and other dangerous items behind locked doors with locks specifically designed to keep little people out. Routinely check to make sure they’re still working, too -- don’t lock them and forget about them.

Clean your baby’s cabinet

Thoroughly clean the cabinet your baby will use. Sweep out anything that may be left behind and give it a thorough scrubbing, particularly if you previously stored cleaning agents in there. A solution of distilled white vinegar diluted with an equal amount of water is non-toxic and safe for baby, so you might consider using that.

Stock the cabinet

Here’s where the fun begins. Select plenty of unbreakable items for your baby to play with and explore. Bowls of different sizes, pitchers, drinking cups, wooden spoons, measuring cups, ice cube trays and anything else you can think of.

Show your baby

Show your baby that he can play with his cabinet any time you are in there preparing dinner or hanging out. If you’re feeling really adventurous and your baby is a little older, fill up one of the bigger containers with water. He’ll make a huge mess but water is super easy to clean up and he will have a blast.

Just make sure you supervise your little one at all times. Rotate the items in the cabinet on a regular basis to keep it fresh and interesting and you’ll have a ready-made play area any time you go into the kitchen!

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