Make Bath Time Safe For Baby

Bathing your newborn for the first time may seem a bit scary – for you and her. Make bath time safe with these easy tips.

Newborn first bath

Baby’s first bath

Your tiny newborn doesn’t need to be put in a tub for his first bath – a simple sponge bath will do the trick and is a gentle way to introduce bath time. Place baby on a flat surface like a changing table lined with a thick towel to absorb excess water.

Wet a soft sponge with warm water, wring it out and smooth the sponge gently over baby’s face and body. Use wet cotton balls to clean baby’s eyes. Soap isn’t a must for baby’s first bath. When you do use it, choose a mild soap designed for babies. Cover baby’s exposed parts with a towel while sponging off other areas so he doesn’t get too cold.


Before you start baby’s bath, have all the items you’ll need within arm’s reach:

  • Towels for baby’s bath surface, to cover him and to wrap him up after bath
  • Soft sponge
  • Cotton balls and cotton swabs designed for baby
  • Diaper wipes
  • Baby lotion
  • Fresh diaper
  • Baby’s clothes or pajamas

When to bathe baby

Newborns really don’t need a bath every night. In fact, bathing him too often can dry out his sensitive skin. Use your judgment as to when baby needs a bath as well as the time of day you decide to bathe baby. If a warm bath calms him, make nighttime baths your ritual a few times a week. If he’s invigorated after a bath, go ahead and bathe him a few mornings a week, and then get ready to play!

Baby tubs

Options abound when it comes to baby baths but you don’t necessarily need a tub designed for babies. You can simply bathe baby in the kitchen sink or regular bathtub, but make sure to line the bottom with extra towels or a non-slip mat. Don’t fill the basin with more than three inches of water.

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