Fatigue Is A Four-Letter Word

Nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming fatigue you may experience as early as your first trimester. Here are a few tips for dealing with it!

Tired pregnant woman

Early on in my pregnancies, I suffered major sleepiness. However, “sleepy” was a gross understatement during my fourth pregnancy, where I was 35 years old and already had a brood to care for. Getting to work and staying awake and productive was a huge challenge. Here are a few tricks I learned.

Vitamin C

Skip the coffee -- experts say that it’s not all that great for a pregnant mom anyway -- and go for the orange juice. It’s a natural and delicious pick-me-up that provides you with lots of essential nutrients.


Sit outside for a few minutes in the sunshine -- in the morning, in the afternoon or whenever you’re feeling sluggish. It can boost your mood and help you feel more energized. It works no matter the weather -- even a cloudy or snowy day can provide you with ample sunlight.


Ok, I know that you’re likely not going to run a marathon (although some moms do, don’t get me wrong), but moving around even a little can perk you up. If you work at a desk, take a quick walk around your workspace. Wave your arms around, flex your feet. Bonus points if you can pair it with sunlight.


A shower can wake anyone up, so if you’re home and feeling the effects of crunch time before dinner, hop in and take a quick one. You can’t do that at work (most likely) but even drinking cold water can refresh you. Go to the bathroom if you’re really struggling and splash some on your face. Your co-workers may think you’re strange, but if they know you’re pregnant it may just be par for the course.

Fatigue is most common in the first trimester and it tends to come back during the third. And then it’s time for sleepless nights with your new baby -- but what a great reward you get at the end of your travels!

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