Swap This For That – The Pregnancy Version

No doubt your pregnancy will at some point leave you with some relentless cravings for ice cream, junk food or some other not-so-healthy foods. But with a few smart swaps, you can squelch your pregnancy craving without overindulging.

pregnant woman eating fruit

Ice cream

Probably a gal’s biggest nemesis during pregnancy, ice cream is a tough one to pass up. Luckily, there is nearly a perfect substitute – Greek yogurt. Look for a low- or no-fat variety and, to amp up the flavor, mix in your own fresh fruit or toss some into a blender with milk and ice for a Greek yogurt milkshake. Mmmm…

Potato chips

How could something so simple be so bad for you? Potato chips are laden in salt but they have that perfect bite when you’re craving something crunchy. The good news is there are lots of great substitutes for this naughty craving like air-popped popcorn with a dash of seasoning, pretzels (look for a whole grain variety) and even baked chips varieties. Try not to load up too much on processed, low-fat foods, however.


If you’re in need of a sticky sweet fix, try a piece of fruity sugarless gum. If that doesn’t do the trick, opt for some sweet fruit like real cherries, berries or melon drizzled with a bit of honey or agave nectar.

Cake or pie

If sweet and crumbly desserts are what you are after, try a wholesome muffin such as banana chocolate chip, zucchini or cranberry orange. Don’t assume all muffins are wholesome, though. Some can be just as bad (or worse!) than their dessert counterparts. For your best bet, make a healthy muffin yourself or check the nutritional facts and ingredients before snarfing one down.

Pancakes or French toast

If a sweet craving such as pancakes or French toast with syrup hits first thing in the morning, opt for a whole grain toaster waffle spread apple or almond butter.


Chocolate, of course, is another big pregnancy craving that’s hard to replace. If you choose a dark blend and enjoy just a small amount, we suggest you go ahead and indulge this craving. Better yet, melt down a few small pieces and dip some fresh strawberries into the warm and melty concoction. Yum.

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