Are Fireworks Shows Safe For Baby?

Fireworks are synonymous with the Fourth of July, but the beautiful explosions are popular all summer long. If you’re pregnant or have a new baby, should you go to a fireworks show this summer? The Hatch suggests these tips for safe fireworks viewing for the whole family.

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Fireworks and pregnancy

Your baby’s ears are not fully developed until the 24th week of pregnancy so attending a fireworks show early in your pregnancy should not affect baby. If you are closer to the end of your pregnancy, do not expose yourself (and baby) to noises louder than about 100 decibels, which could cause hearing loss or damage if baby is exposed to them for an extended period of time.

Fireworks and newborn

Remember that every experience is brand new for a newborn so even small things are a big deal for baby. Taking such a young baby to a large fireworks display with lots of people can be overwhelming for him in many ways outside of just the noise of the fireworks. Try viewing fireworks from a distance, in a quiet spot where you can hold baby and observe the display without the noise and crowds that could cause baby fear and anxiety.

Fireworks and older babies

Many older babies and young toddlers are entranced by the beauty of fireworks. They may love the loud booms, cracks and pops of the explosions. Others may find the loud noises disturbing or may fear the dangers that fireworks can cause. Feel out your child before attending a fireworks event. If he shows signs of hesitation before or at the event, pass on it or take him home right away.

I was always timid of loud noises as a kid so my parents used to take my sister and I up on the roof of our house on the Fourth of July. We’d eat popcorn and watch all the fireworks displays around town. It was the perfect way to enjoy the displays without the noise, the crowds or the fear of being in any direct danger.

Safety first

Keep your baby’s safety in mind while attending a big fireworks display and keep fireworks in the hands of the professionals this summer. Happy Fourth of July!

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