Take Plenty Of Breaks

Traveling while pregnant is usually safe, but there are a few things to keep in mind whether you’re driving to Texas, cruising Alaska or flying to Disney.

Pregnant couple on vacation

Here are five tips for safe and comfortable pregnancy travel.

Ask your doc

Always ask your care provider before going on a trip, whether it be via car, train, boat or plane. High-risk pregnancies may require staying close to home, and if you get the go-ahead, you always want to prepare just in case of an emergency or a premature delivery if you’re away.

Drink up

Water, that is. Traveling can dehydrate you, especially if you’re on an airplane. Juice works well too, but try to avoid caffeinated beverages -- they can dehydrate you further. Bring bottled water, cooled in ice, if you can, or make stops to refill a stainless steel water bottle along your way.

Take breaks

Plan to stop at least once every couple of hours, if not more often as necessitated by your increased liquid intake. Getting up, moving around and stretching will help prevent blood clot formation in your legs, and it can keep your digestive system moving, hopefully preventing any travel-related constipation.

Eat up, mama

Plan to snack while you’re traveling. Keep a small cooler nearby stocked with cheese, applesauce and raw veggies, and keep other healthy snacks around, such as whole-grain crackers and dried fruit. Snack during stops or on the go if you don’t get motion sickness.

Take your time

Don’t rush to your destination, if you’re driving. Enjoy the scenery and pose for funny or touching pregnancy pictures along your route. Try to capture a moment in a city park of a town you’ve never been to, or meander off your path and visit a local museum if you can. You can make more memories if you enjoy your trip to and from your destination in addition to while you’re there.

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