How To Make A First-Aid Kit For Baby

Experienced moms could easily answer the question “what is the most essential item for your baby’s first aid kit?” But the question may not so easily be answered by moms-to-be. The Hatch guides you through what to include in your baby’s first-aid kit.

woman packing first aid kit

Bandages for boo-boos

Stock your first-aid kit with a box of multi-sized bandages as well as items to wrap a larger boo-boo such as gauze rolls, and gauze pads and adhesive tape.

Owie ointments

Petroleum jelly is a great salve for cuts, it helps soothe diaper rash if you run out of Desitin and it helps lubricate baby’s rectal thermometer. Other essential ointments: hydrocortisone cream for bug bites or irritated skin, 100 percent aloe vera gel for burns and eye wash to clean irritants from baby's eyes.

Sterile stuff

An assortment of sterile items are needed to clean and administer treatment for baby such as non-latex gloves, sterile cotton balls and cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol pads to disinfect thermometers, tweezers and clippers.

Fever fighters

A baby thermometer (rectal or ear) is needed to determine baby’s temperature and infant/children’s acetaminophen and ibuprofen are essential for relieving said fever along with accompanying aches and pains. Don’t forget an oral syringe (or calibrated cup) to administer the medication to baby.

Clippers, scissors and tweezers, oh my!

A small pair of safety nail clippers as well as a small, sharp pair of medical scissors should be included in your baby’s first-aid kit as well as large plastic tweezers in the event that baby gets a splinter or has a run-in with a cactus. A nasal aspirator bulb, small thin blanket and a basic first-aid manual are other important items to include in your baby’s first-aid kit.

Custom stocked

If baby has special needs, such as allergies, be sure to stock his first-aid kit with the doctor-prescribed items needed in case of an emergency such as a prescription medication, asthma inhaler or epinephrine injector. You may find that you use certain things more than others, but it's important to stock your baby's first-aid kit tailored to him.

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