High Heart Rate -- Boy Or Girl?

We’ve all heard them. Little stories that claim that certain things about your pregnancy actually mean something. Here are a few of our favorite old wives’ tales.

Pregnant belly with question marks

Your mother-in-law, grandma or neighbor may be bestowing upon you her own little bit of wisdom. Even if you know there is no way their old wives’ tales can possibly be true, you should probably smile and nod anyway, particularly if family harmony is at stake.

Here are some of our faves

The heart rate of the fetus determines its sex. Some say that a heart rate of over 140 or 150 beats per minute means that the baby will be a girl. The truth is, any baby can have any heart rate.

If you have morning sickness, you are having a girl. Something about the baby girl’s hormones making the mother even sicker drives this tall tale, but it’s totally bunk. Sure, some girl moms are sick as dogs, but others aren’t sick at all -- this would be me for both of my girls. For one, I was in horrible shape, but for the other, I never had an ounce of nausea.

The shape of your belly tells if your baby is a boy or a girl. The story goes, high and round, it’s a girl, and low bellies contain boys. Again, there really isn’t any possible way the sex of your infant determines the shape of your belly.

Mixing your pee with Drano will tell you what you’re having. Not only is this scientifically suspicious, it can also be dangerous -- no one, especially a pregnant woman, needs to be playing around with Drano.

How you eat your bread will tell you what you’re having. If you eat the ends of the bread, you’re having a boy, and if you eat only the wonderful, delicious middle, you’re having a girl. As you can see, I do not like the heels of bread but I have two of each.

Raising your arms above your head will cause your baby all sorts of problems. Namely, that the action will cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck or knot itself. Fortunately, nothing mama does can twist her baby’s cord, at all.

Some of these are kind of silly, but they can be fun if you’re waiting to find out your baby’s sex at delivery (or not far along enough to have found out via sonogram), but don’t take them to heart. And don’t give in to the urge to slap somebody silly when they suggest them to you!

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