Stock Up On Burp Cloths

Burp cloths can come in handy for so many more occasions than your baby’s post-nursing spit-up. Stock up on burp cloths… here’s why.

Mom changing baby with burp cloth over her shoulder

I’ll be real honest, here, Moms. I had no idea what many baby items were when I received them at my baby shower. Among them: burp cloths, a nursing cover and pee-pee tee-pees. Don’t even get me started on that last one. I was pretty disappointed when I received a package of what looked to be dishrags, but I soon came to discover the multitude of uses for these simple little cloths – even long after I stopped wearing one as a new mom sash over my shoulder.

Miniature diaper changer

If you’re in a pinch and you don’t have a diaper pad available, lay a burp cloth under baby’s bottom to do the dirty duty. If the burp cloth gets soiled/stained, it’s easier to clean (or simply get rid of) than, say, baby’s favorite chenille blankie or your (non-mom) best friend's suede sofa.

Burp cloth bibs

Instead of using bibs with Velcro – that my babies would easily rip off and toss to the ground – secure a burp cloth (loosely!) around baby’s neck with a large safety pin or clothes pin.

Cleaning cloths

There is something about the burp cloth’s soft and lint-free fabric that makes it an ideal material for cleaning my TV, computer screen, picture frames, wood furniture and more.

Towel turban

Wrapping a large towel around my head after a shower gets not only cumbersome but rather heavy… and hot. Enter my beloved burpie. I twist up my wet hair in a loose bun and secure a burp cloth around it with a hair clip. It soaks up extra wetness from my hair while keeping it up off my neck and away from my face while I do my make-up.

Memory quilt

Burp cloths aren’t what they used to be -- they are darling little memories in a perfect fold-up little package. By the time I had my second child, I received frilly burpies, ones with my daughter’s name embroidered on them and ones with cute sayings like “I need a spa day” – this happens to be my daughter’s favorite. So how can I part with them? I won’t. I’ve tucked them away so I can one day sew them all together along with the tatters of old blankies into one big quilt of loving memories.

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