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If you're planning a baby registry, or just stocking up on diapers, you may be wondering how many diapers a baby really goes through in a day. We asked real moms what they went through when their babies were little -- check out their answers!

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Diapers, diapers, diapers. Unless you're going to be practicing elimination communication from birth, your baby will need diapers. If you're expecting a baby, you're likely either planning your cloth diaper stash or stocking up on disposables. Curious about how many diapers moms go through when their babies are small? I was, so I asked some of my mom friends how many their babies went through during the first month or so.

Your diapering needs

Your diapering needs will vary -- will you change after every pee, for instance? And if you breastfeed, your baby may poop 8 times a day, which may increase your overall total. Cloth diapers are sometimes changed more often than disposable because sometimes disposables aren't changed until they are ... um, full (I don't personally recommend this practice).

Jessica: "‎10 a day, and we used disposables."

Charlene: "‎7-8 a day, disposable. I dont change after every pee at that age."

Brooke: "10 or 12? We used disposable for the first 4 weeks and then switched to cloth."

Cathy: "10, disposable."

Gwenn: "I want to say 6-8 a day, disposables. But my memory could be faulty."

Christy: "At least 10 a day, disposable ... and god forbid they got diarrhea ... then it could double."

Lindsey: "I swear it was 12-ish disposables but I could be wrong."

Ashley: "I don't remember for my first 2, but currently with Aeriel... cloth and about 7."

Jessica: "20 + disposable. Was almost considering going to cloth because it was outrageous (she had pyloric stenosis, LOTS of pooping!)."

Suzanne: "I breastfed (not sure if that was why) but we went through over 20 a day ... that's me being aware of keeping him dry to prevent rash."

Star: "I used the diapers from the hospital and then went to cloth after 3 days -- I used the same amount of diapers either way. I always change baby when I nurse them, so 10-12 diapers."

Lisa: "It was 10-12 a day with Morgan. Sposies."

Heather: "We went through about two dozen per day when Juniper was a newborn. We used cloth, and changed her after every pee, even if it was just a few drops."

Aubrey: "About 10 a day. Cloth, flushable gDiaper inserts for the first 6 days."

Amanda: "10. And disposable -- we didnt start using cloth until around 4-5 months old."

So you'll want to definitely stock up. I generally tell moms to get at least two dozen cloth diapers, or even three dozen if you want to put off wash day a little (I started out with two dozen cloth diapers and I had to wash almost daily because she went through 12 diapers per day). And for disposables, you'll want to stock up on both newborn size as well as size 1 because your baby may quickly outgrow the newborn size.

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