Pregnant? These Symptoms May Tell

When you are trying to conceive, waiting to take a pregnancy test can be excruciating. And taking one too early can result in a false negative. But your body may be able to notify you of your pregnancy even before a test. These early pregnancy symptoms can appear as early as two weeks post conception.

pregnant woman with cramps


You may experience irregular spotting or light bleeding as an early tell tale sign that you are pregnant. This is a result of what is called “implantation bleeding,” when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus' lining, and it takes place anywhere from 10 to 14 days after the egg is fertilized. Cramping may accompany the bleeding, and, while similar to a normal period, the bleeding is generally lighter and does not last as long as a normal period.

Mood swings

Warn your hubby that this fun symptom begins early! Because your body is experiencing a rush of hormones this early in the pregnancy, you may feel over-emotional, teary-eyed or downright irritable.

Tender breasts

Just as they do right before your menstrual cycle starts, your girls may get a little sore during these early stages of pregnancy. About two to three weeks into a pregnancy, the changes in your body’s hormones can leave your breasts feeling sensitive and possibly tingly.

Frequent urination

Yes, having to pee often is a major symptom later in your pregnancy when baby is pushing on your bladder, but it is also an early indicator of pregnancy. According to Mayo Clinic, your need to pee may increase very early in your pregnancy and usually occurs mostly at night .

Food cravings or aversions

If you are suddenly shunning your regular breakfast burrito from the corner café or you feel the unstoppable urge to down a cheeseburger shortly after you had lunch simply because you got a whiff of your co-worker’s McDonald’s run, you could be pregnant. Once again, food aversions or cravings can be blamed on the hormonal changes that are rampant during the early stages of pregnancy.

Take note that these common symptoms can also be signs of your period approaching or could be unrelated to a pregnancy. However, if you are experiencing many of these symptoms and have been trying to conceive, go ahead and take a pregnancy test or see your doctor.

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