Rein In Pregnancy Cravings

Every woman handles pregnancy cravings in her own way – some will indulge in every one, thinking pregnancy is a great time to enjoy all the yummies she usually denies herself (vegans and vegetarians have even cast off their no-meat beliefs during pregnancy in order to enjoy a juicy burger). Others will maintain a strict mantra not to indulge in those tough-to-beat cravings.

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There’s really no right or wrong as long as you are eating healthfully for the most part and giving baby the nutrition she needs to develop. If you’ve got pregnancy cravings, check out these tips to help control them.

Get to the root of the craving

Cravings are sometimes your body’s way of telling you to add a certain nutrient into your diet. (FYI, your body will rarely ask you to roll through In and Out for a Double Double with Cheese – those are your taste buds talking so feel free to ignore them.) But if you are craving ice cream, your body may need a boost in magnesium, potassium or vitamin A, so nip the craving in the bud with a glass of cold milk instead. If you want something sweet, try a piece of fruit.

Pack your diet with nutrients

If you’re concerned that your diet may be lacking the vitamins and nutrients your pregnancy body is craving, talk to your doctor about some ways to amp up your pregnancy diet. Also be sure to take a prenatal vitamin, folic acid tablet and any other supplement he recommends.

Find an alternative

Craving a bag of chips? Maybe you really want something salty or something crunchy. Edamame are salty yet delicious and good for you to boot (just don’t overdose on soy). Or try baked pita chips as a fix for that crunch craving. Whatever the craving, try to find a healthy alternative to satisfy it.

Indulge… a little

If you have an overwhelming craving, it’s okay to indulge in it… a little. One scoop of ice cream won’t kill you (or your baby!), so so go aheaad and give in to a pregnancy craving every now and then. Just don’t make a habit of it and make sure that the rest of your eating habits are squeaky clean.

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