How To Deal With The “Fun” Side Of Pregnancy

If you’re early on in your pregnancy, take note -- as you near the third trimester, you may spring a few leaks. Here are a few tips for dealing with leaking that almost always has bad timing.

Pregnancy nursing bra

If you’ve had a rough first trimester, you may be looking forward to your second -- the purported “golden” trimester-- or the third, when you look really, really awesomely pregnant. Mother Nature, however, has a few unkind tricks up her sleeve.


Your baby’s first meal at your breasts comes in the form of colostrum -- that nutritionally-dense first milk that is loaded with antibodies and tons of other good stuff that treats your baby’s tummy very well in the first few days. Funnily enough, your breasts can give you a preview of colostrum months before her first cry.

Moms report that breast leaking generally begins in the third trimester, with the amounts increasing as the due date approaches. Some mothers never experience leaking and may worry it means they won’t be able to breastfeed (it doesn’t!) but quite a few moms will leak, and leak often.

If you notice a few drops or dried spots on your bra, go ahead and invest in nursing pads. You can buy disposable ones but they also sell cloth ones that you can wash and reuse. This will not only get you used to wearing them, but can save you mega embarrassment. I know I’m not the only mama who has checked herself in the mirror, only to be unpleasantly surprised at the sight of wet circles on my boobs.


And, unfortunately, I must sadly add urine to this list. Because in the late days of your pregnancy, your baby is just enormous, taking up massive amounts of space inside what was once a neat and tidy abdomen. Her head is likely wedged up on your bladder, making the inner portions miniscule and incapable of holding more than a few teaspoons of pee.

So, go ahead and stock up on maxi pads now. You'll need them after your baby is born anyway, and they will come in handy if you're prone to, ah, peeing your pants. A full mini-bladder, an errant sneeze or cough, and you may be wetting your drawers. You do have the ability to say, “Oh, maybe my water broke!” but when you show back up to work the next day your game will be up, so try to prevent it if you can.

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