The Great Binky Debate

Regardless of whether you decide to pacify your baby with a binky, there is no doubt that most parents have a strong opinion about why you should or shouldn’t use a pacifier.

Baby with pacifier

But don’t let others’ pacifier opinion determine yours. The Hatch shares some pacifier pros and cons to help you decide if using a pacifier is the right thing for you and your baby.

Pro: Pacifiers can soothe colicky babies

There is nothing worse than hearing your baby’s constant cries knowing there is little you can do to soothe her sobs. Sometimes a pacifier may work to calm a colicky baby.

Con: Babies can form a pacifier habit

Babies can easily get attached to sucking a pacifier and begin to use it as a lovey. Once a pacifier becomes something your child depends upon for comfort, it becomes harder and harder to take said item of comfort away . While there is nothing wrong with a baby using a pacifier, you don’t want your toddler or young child using one. And the longer it goes on, it will only get harder and harder to break the paci habit.

Pro: Pacifiers could prevent SIDS

According to MayoClinic, research shows a link between the use of a pacifier during sleep and a reduced risk in SIDS. Need we say more?

Con: Prolonged use of a binky could lead to dental problems

Babies using a binky should have no problem with the pacifier causing dental problems. However, if your child continues to use a pacifier, it could result in a disturbance of the way his teeth grow in.

Pro: You can take away a binky

Of breaking bad habits such as sucking a binky or a thumb, you need to consider which will be more difficult down the line. After all, you can pitch a paci but you can’t toss a thumb! When it comes time to breaking the sucking habit, pacis are definitely the lesser of the evils.

Which side of the great binky debate are you on?

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