Calm Colic

Before you became a mom, do you remember how you pictured your first days of motherhood – holding your sweet newborn and falling asleep together in the glider? But nurturing a colicky baby is nothing like that quintessential image. Fear not! While colic can test your patience – and that of anyone within earshot – there are ways to soothe your crying baby.

Colicky newborn

What is colic

While there are a few common denominators that define colic (an otherwise healthy baby crying for three-plus hours per day on a daily basis for a period of months), there is no definitive cause of colic. However, there are definitive ways to soothe your constantly crying baby.


Wrapping your baby in a burrito-like swaddle is more comforting than constricting (remember, he just spent nine months in very cramped quarters). Tuck a swaddle blanket around baby so he can’t wiggle loose.


Along the lines of swaddling, wearing your baby in a wrap on your body can help soothe his colic. This also works to your advantage because movement is another colic-soothing remedy.

Perpetual motion

If you are walked, rocked or baby-worn out, try continuing movement for baby with the assistance of a swing, infant rocker or even a drive in the car. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven around the block to give my little ones some much-needed rest.

White noise

Along with a tight swaddle position, sounds such as a dishwasher, washer/dryer, hair dryer or vacuum could remind baby of sounds he was accustomed to in the womb. It sounds a bit rude, but you can also “shhhhhhhh” your baby -- loud enough to cover his cry and right into his ear, to calm him down. My youngest is 2 ½ and sometimes all it takes is a little shhhhh at night to get her to sleep. I said sometimes!


If you are not pro-paci, a colicky newborn may change your mind on the topic. Pacifying baby with a suckie (make sure you use one specific for newborns like the ones many hospitals give you during your visit) could be the key to curbing his crying... at the very least popping a paci in your baby's mouth should give you a few moments of quiet time to regain your sanity and try a new tactic.

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