Bye-Bye, Baby!

The last thing you want to think about when you have a newborn baby is leaving said newborn baby. But the truth is, it is good for both mom and baby to have a little time away from one another. Here’s how to wrap your head around leaving your baby for the first time.

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Trust your caregiver

We know it’s hard to imagine that anyone could possibly care for your child as well as you can. But you might have to let go of that notion if you ever want some me-time again. Whether it’s your very capable husband (i.e. the father of your child), your mom (who raised your fantastic self, don’t forget!) or a trained nanny or babysitter, you need to be able to pass the torch of caring for baby onto another so you can get some much-deserved me-time whether that means a relaxing massage or simply run out for groceries without strapping baby to your body.

Prepare in advance

If you are breastfeeding, pump more milk than you think your baby might need, just in case. Make notes for your baby’s caregiver on any special needs, schedules or anything else that you’d like him/her to adhere to in your absence. Leave phone numbers of where you'll be in case you can't be reached by cell.

Get real

While this first time away from baby may seem traumatic, you need to put it into perspective. It’s most likely harder on you than baby. If this is the first time you're leaving him, he is likely too young to really “know” you’re gone... or you are wayyyyy overdue for some mom me-time.

It’s good for baby to understand that when you leave, you will return. This is a lesson that’s easier to teach and establish at a young age.

It’s also good for you to carve out time for yourself to avoid mommy burnout. Moms give so much of themselves to their families all the time -- it’s important that we make time for ourselves, too! Scratch out any guilt you may be tempted to indulge in – every parent needs a little break from baby. And just think how exciting your reunion with baby will be in a few short hours when you return.

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