Just The First Of Many Visits

After your pregnancy test turns positive, you'll probably make an appointment with your obstetrician or midwife to get your prenatal care underway. Read on to find out what you get to look forward to.

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Care providers will generally not see a pregnant woman more than once or perhaps twice in the first trimester. Here are a few things you can expect the first time you go.

Weight and urine check

Your weight will be recorded as a starting point. Your nurse, midwife or doctor may ask if you've gained any weight yet and note it in your chart. And get used to peeing in a cup -- your first urine check will probably be today. They will be looking for abnormal amounts of sugar, protein or the presence of bacteria.

Health history

Your care provider will take a detailed history of your gynecological and obstetric health, as well as your general health history, including previous pregnancies and deliveries, any drug allergies or interactions and whether you've had any surgeries or other medical procedures.

Physical exam

You will likely experience a thorough physical exam, including a pelvic exam and Pap smear (if you're due for one). If you're so inclined, then, make sure all your shaving is up to date. It will also likely include a breast exam, so if you're a bit tender, be prepared for it.

Blood tests

You will also likely go under the needle. Your care provider will need to know your blood type, your Rh status, how your blood counts are and possibly your immunities to a few diseases, such as chicken pox and rubella. You also may be asked to sign a release to be tested for HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases.


Not everyone will get an early sonogram, but if you're not sure of your dates or are having any bleeding or other concerning issues (or your provider just does them routinely), you may get to see your little bean.

Don't worry -- you'll get to go back and do many of these things every four weeks, and then every two, and then every week until delivery. But many of these won't be repeated, such as the blood tests or pelvic exam (unless your provider checks for dilation late in pregnancy).

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