Charges Will Not Be Filed

A Missouri teenager has been found after allegedly faking a pregnancy. While her family and friends are happy she's OK, everyone wants to know why she claimed to give birth and reported that her baby died.

Sad teenage girl

A 17-year-old Missouri girl grew a belly, and her boyfriend and other family members felt the baby kick. When she went off to see a friend's daughter who was suffering from cancer, her family grew concerned because she was near her due date. They finally received texts from the girl stating that she was in the hospital, and then that her baby was stillborn. Eventually she was located and found to have faked the pregnancy. What?!

Worry and disbelief

The baby's paternal grandmother-to-be was concerned during the pregnancy because the teen refused medical care -- she even called social workers, who informed her that no one has to go to the doctor if they don't want to. She did, however, state that the teen had a growing belly that she poked and prodded as grandmothers-to-be are wont to do. She had no inkling the entire time that the pregnancy was being faked.

She continued to correspond with the teen throughout the remainder of her pregnancy, but didn't get too worried until the teen left town to visit a friend's child, knowing that her due date was approaching. The grandmother-to-be then received a couple of heartbreaking texts within the next few days -- one stating that she was in the hospital and the heartbeat could not be located, and the next sharing that the baby, a boy, had died.

9-month fake

Her family contacted police and she soon returned home, no longer pregnant but with no information on the whereabouts of her stillborn infant. The teen agreed to a medical examination and evaluation and was found to have never been pregnant -- at all. She admitted to faking the pregnancy and birth, but no charges will be filed as no crime was committed.

The baby's grandmother-to-be believed that the entire farce was true. "The baby moved," said Lisa Wills. "We saw her stomach. I don't know how she faked it. She was so big." Wills was ultimately relieved as well as devastated, knowing that there was no discarded baby, but the ordeal had wrought an emotional toll.

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