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Pregnancy can be uncomfortable and emotionally wild, but there are some surprising benefits of pregnancy you may not have heard about.

Pregnant woman with long hair

Here are a few physical benefits of pregnancy that you may love.

Luxurious hair

When a woman is not pregnant, she loses an average of 100 hairs per day as part of the natural shedding process. But when you get pregnant, the rise in estrogen in your body prolongs the growing phase of your hair, which results in less falling out and can bring about a glorious mane of thick tresses. Enjoy it while it lasts, however. After your baby is born and your hormone levels drop to their normal level, you will seem to lose hair faster as your hair gets "caught up."

Harder nails

Not everyone will experience it, but many pregnant moms find their fingernails are harder and less prone to breakage. Pamper yourself by getting a manicure (in a well-ventilated area, of course). If you find your nails become more brittle instead of firmer, protect them when doing the dishes or any cleaning around your house.

Rosy glow

You really do glow when you're pregnant. Whether it's the increased blood flow giving your face some extra color or perhaps a bit of sweat making you shine (sexy!), many pregnant women do give off an extra-special aura. Use a light moisturizer or even coconut oil to help maintain your skin's natural radiance and enjoy your beautiful blooming skin. And a little secret -- coconut oil can actually help acne-prone skin instead of making it worse.

Heightened sexual response

The extra blood flow is good for more than a pair of pretty pink cheeks -- it can give you an additional boost when it comes to sexy time. Orgasms may be more easily attainable, if you can handle the jostling of the sex itself. Of course, there may be too much of a good thing -- your nether regions may be too sensitive or they may have a congested feeling, particularly as your pregnancy draws to a close.

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