Are You Impatient About Conceiving?

Dr. Jean Twenge, a San Diego psychologist, published a book specifically for women trying to conceive. The title? The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant. Where was this book a few years ago? Sign me up as one of the impatient ones. Here are some sneak peeks from the book.

book1. Ovulation and pregnancy

If you can predict your ovulation, you can predict pregnancy -- usually within three months.

2. Ovulation day myth

The two days prior to ovulation are your most fertile days, not the day of ovulation as previously believed.

3. There's really no age "limit"

The statistics that state women over the age of 35 will have increased fertility issues is based on a study conducted in rural France -- back in the 1700s.

4. Stress and trying too hard will not decrease your chances

According to Dr. Twenge, stress must be extremely high to affect fertility.

5. Keep your cool

Even though stress doesn't affect fertility, it's important to implement stress-releasing techniques while trying to conceive to keep calm… and baby-make on. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

6. Baby-making diet

Follow the SOS diet for maximum fertility. Spinach (or vegetables, fruits and whole grains), olives (olive oil, nuts and fish) and salmon (lean protein and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids).

7. Advanced testing is useless for getting pregnant naturally

Test of egg count can be useless while trying to conceive naturally -- with normal cycles.

8. Gender selection

It could be intercourse closer to ovulation could result in a girl -- contrary to previous beliefs, theories and wives tales. Although this was not the case for my third baby boy.

9. Fertility-enhancing supplements could hinder fertility

Some well-known supplements that are said to enhance fertility could be making your chances worse and not better. Vitex/Chasteberry is one of them.

10. Other vitamins and supplements to help fertility

Folic acid, omega-3 fish oil and moderate amounts of vitamin B6 do help your fertility.

More about the book

To learn more about these tips and other ways to get pregnant quicker, you can get the book at Amazon.

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