When To Share, What To Share

If you are pregnant and have a Facebook account, chances are you've popped the news or will be doing so soon. Here's a set of guidelines for you to think about as your pregnancy progresses.

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Once your pregnancy test turns positive, you may want to share the news right away or you may choose to wait several months to tell the world. Modern-day communication is much different than it was even 10 years ago, with smart phones at your fingertips directly connected to Facebook -- and your friends, family, co-workers, high school chums you haven't seen for five or 10 years and the girl you met at a concert who you wouldn't recognize if you saw her in person.

How do you decide what to share with everyone, and when do you share it?

The big wait

Many moms-to-be decide to wait until much of the risk of miscarriage has passed, generally by the time the second trimester begins (at around week 13). They can spend that time planning a really awesome reveal or simply basking in the knowledge only they and their significant other know their special surprise.

Letting it slip

Problems arise, however, when you start to let others in on your secret. If you really want to keep everyone from knowing, don't tell your parents, your sister, your aunt, your best friend or your mother-in-law. This especially holds true if they are Facebook friends with you because some people just can't keep it to themselves.

For example, you may have an unwelcome surprise on your Facebook wall if your friend or family member posts, "Congratulations! I'm so excited to hear your big news!" You can delete these comments, but what if your boss read it -- and you haven't told her yet? Even telling folks to keep it on the down low is no guarantee they'll keep your news quiet.

Facebook official

Once you've posted a pregnancy test or a sonogram picture to your Facebook page, you've gone "Facebook official." Be sure to inform all close friends, family members and co-workers beforehand, as finding out through a mass broadcast via Facebook is impersonal and may cause you even more headaches if people's feelings get hurt.

What to share?

Many moms love to take belly pictures and will create an album chronicling their pregnancy. And most people love looking at them. But keep in mind that all your Facebook friends can view your photos, so if you don't want your manager oogling your naked tummy, consider cleaning up your friends' list by defriending those you don't want to include or consider sharing them in a more private manner, such as a private Photobucket album.

Keep in mind, however, anything you post on the internet is inherently public -- and permanent!

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