Tone Up Those
Stomach Muscles

Postpartum support belts and slimming garments are the most natural way to support a mother’s post-pregnancy body. Support garments also work to reduce water retention and help make mom feel better about her body image after pregnancy.

yummie tummie nursing tankYummie Tummie

The Yummie Tummie compression tanks offer new moms the support and comfort needed to feel good inside and out. Without being a stiff corset, Yummie Tummie tanks are meant for everyday wear. The Yummie Tummie nursing tank ($86) gives moms tummy support with the flexibility and ease of a nursing tank.

Belly Bandit

The new Belly Bandit B.F.F ($80) stands for Body Fit Formulated and Best Friend Forever, according to some new moms. Pop one of these puppies on 6 - 8 weeks after delivery to help put everything back in its place and to create your natural curves once again. The B.F.F has a contoured fit, which has the ability to adjust to any body type.

Baboosh Tauts

The Baboosh Tauts post pregnancy wrap ($62) adjusts to fit almost every mom and can be worn just 40 days after delivery. This natural method helps reduce swelling, pulls in stomach muscles and supports saggy post-pregnancy belly skin all at the same time.


The collection of C-Panty ($38 - $48) post-cesarean garments offer cesarean moms the much-needed support and coverage after surgery. Ranging from mild compression to extra compression, these panties have silicone panels to address scarring, sensitivity, swelling and discomfort and also slim the postpartum tummy and skin all in one.

How to pick a postpartum slimming garment

When looking at different postpartum compression garments, consider your unique body type and what kind of fit you preferred pre-pregnancy. Personally, I’m not a fan of corsets or anything too tight -- it makes me feel claustrophobic. I much prefer compression tanks that are breathable, considering the postpartum hormones also make me sweat like crazy. Ask yourself these questions before investing in a postpartum support garment.

  • Do you sweat a lot or live in a warmer climate?
  • Do you like corset garments?
  • Do you like seamless shirts?
  • Do you prefer a longer length or more coverage?
  • Can you nurse comfortably in the garment?

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