Exmobaby: Predicting Baby's Mood?

The Exmobaby onesie can help parents detect their baby’s behavioral and emotional changes and, according to the company, possibly reduce the rate of SIDS. But is it safe? And should parents really rely on technology instead of checking on and creating bonds with their child?

exmobaby suitWhat is Exmobaby?

Exmobaby is a wireless biosensor baby pajama (aka onesie) that interprets a baby’s mood. By recording and sending data to a cell phone or PC computer every 60 seconds, the data is stored and then formulated based on an algorithm to decipher a child’s need based on his or her heart rate, temperature and movements.

Designed with comfort in mind, the wireless biosensor technology is built-in to the hypoallergenic onesie. The Exmobaby suit is non-invasive and non-irritating — the device itself is covered by multiple layers and virtually undetectable to the touch.

Taking the "parent" out of parenting?

Whatever happened to parenting by intuition? Trial and error? Learning as you go? To me, parenting (even as a first-time parent) is all about learning and connecting with your baby (among other things, of course). How are parents going to learn their baby’s cues and build strong bonds while caring for their child if there’s a device that can supposedly tell them what their child needs?

I’m a little concerned about parents becoming too reliant on computers and technology to “help” parent their children. Sure, it could give parents a little peace of mind, but having three kids myself, these challenges extend well beyond the “trying to figure out what my baby needs” phase. Then what? The harsh reality is that parenting is a constant challenge and has many difficulties — difficulties that are constantly changing and evolving as your child grows and as the bond created between parent and child strengthens.

Wireless phones vs. wireless baby clothes

I’m weary of wireless devices. I never hold my wireless cell phone to my ear, so why would I put a wireless device directly on my fragile child’s body? The company states the “Exmobaby is insulated and designed to broadcast data, and hence radiate, minimally.” Personally, I’d have to see further extensive testing on the Exmobaby before putting one on my child.

Want to try an Exmobaby suit on your child?

At this time, a limited number of Exmobaby kits are being sold for $1,000 - $2,500. The Exmobaby suit is currently in the investigational stages and does not have FDA approval at this time.

Image source: Exmobaby

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