E Use Can Lead To Poor Motor Control In Baby

Offering yet another reason to just say no to drugs during pregnancy, researchers have found that women who use Ecstasy during pregnancy increase their risk of having a baby with poor motor control.

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As part of the University of East London Drugs and Infancy Study, researchers asked 96 women about their drug use habits before and during pregnancy. The majority of participants had used drugs both before they became pregnant and after. The study was funded by the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse and is published in the Feb. 28 issue of Neurotoxicology and Teratology.

When the women's babies were born, and again when they were four months old, the researchers examined their brain development and motor control.

Babies born to moms who used Ecstasy, also known as "E," during pregnancy displayed the following:

  • Worse motor control
  • Poorer hand eye coordination
  • Impaired ability to balance head
  • Impaired ability to sit up without support
  • Impaired ability to roll from back to side

Study author study author Lynn Singer, a professor of environmental health sciences, pediatrics and psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, in Cleveland, said, "The potential harmful effects of ecstasy exposure on prenatal and infant development have long been a concern."

Mayo Clinic classifies Ecstasy as a "club drug" and offers the following signs of addiction:

  • An exaggerated feeling of great happiness or well-being (euphoria)
  • Reduced inhibitions
  • A heightened or altered sense of sight, sound and taste
  • Amphetamine-like effects
  • Decreased coordination
  • Poor judgment
  • Memory problems or loss of memory
  • Increased or decreased heart rate and blood pressure

Besides the fact that Ecstasy is dangerous to your growing baby, it's also dangerous for you. If you are pregnant and taking E, please see your health care provider.

(Source: U.S. News Health)

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