Do Natural Induction Techniques Work?

I do believe that natural induction techniques (provided they are approved by a medical professional) can work… but only if your body is ready for them to work. After what I’ve been through, I’ve become a huge advocate for allowing babies to take the time they need while in the womb.

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While pregnant with my first son, I was on bed rest for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. And when I say last few weeks, I mean from 30 to 36 weeks. A few days shy of turning 36 weeks, my doctor prescribed a medication with the hopes that we could delay labor by a few more days. But I was a mess on the medication. Everyone told me to rest and take it easy, but the medication made my heart beat so fast, I felt as if it was going to jump right out of my chest. I was miserable and pleaded with the man to let me stop -- to make it stop!

Seeing that 36 weeks was considered full term at the time (full term is now 37 weeks), he agreed to discontinue the medication the night my pregnancy turned 36 weeks. Call it coincidence, call it fate or call it what it most likely was -- my body finally being able to relax -- after a peaceful nights rest, I went into labor the very next day.

With my second son, I was on bed rest even longer but without the use of medication. The talk of a large baby kept coming up at appointments, which lead to the idea of a Cesarean. With the birth of my first son, I became the first woman in three generations to avoid a C-section and I wanted it to stay that way.

As I got closer to full term, I began to implement natural induction techniques. I thought that I could avoid a Cesarean if he would come just a little bit early and be a little bit smaller. I quickly learned that if neither your body nor your baby are ready for labor, none of the natural techniques will actually induce labor.

After my second son was medically induced and born at 38-weeks with complications, I learned that babies stay in the womb for a reason. They come out when they are ready and pregnancy does in fact end -- no matter how uncomfortable it gets.

My third son was born the day after his due date. The only natural induction method I tried was acupuncture three days before my due date. But he wasn't ready quite yet -- he needed a few more days.

What experience have you had with inducing labor naturally?

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