Just Another Mom War?

Until we can figure out how to co-exist with different parenting styles, there will always be some form of debate circulating. It doesn’t seem to matter where you live or how you were raised, there are different parenting styles and opinions all over the place -- and the opinion on whether you should let your baby cry it out is definitely a hot topic.

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To each his (or her) own

While I don't necessarily believe that the cry-it-out method is best for our family and my children, I wouldn't dare tell someone that a parenting decision they chose to make for their baby is wrong. If someone asks for my opinion, I gladly share what we do and what works for us, but I can't imagine telling someone what to do with their own child.

Maybe because I've been there (it's likely we all have) -- when another mom, family member or stranger offers up unsolicited advice or flat out tells you what to do with your child. It's not a great feeling. Those words, even if they were meant to be helpful, can do a great deal of harm to a mother, especially a new mother. Those words can make her question her maternal instincts or give her that little nudge to try something that goes against her wishes, which can cause disappointment and regret.

Is letting your baby CIO dangerous?

While it doesn't necessarily make for bad parents, there are scientific studies that show that letting a baby cry it out can be harmful to a child. But is it your job as a parent to educate other parents about this? I don't believe it is. Is it the pediatrician's job? Hard to say. Personally I've come across pediatricians with very different opinions. Some swear by it, some offer the idea as a last resource and some suggest avoiding it like the plague.

Just like parents, doctors have their own opinion on the topic, too. Isn't that what makes the world go 'round? So while you may swear by it and sleep peacefully at night or are against it and sleep peacefully at night, I say let's let bygones be bygones and let parents do what they believe is right for their child while we focus on what we believe is best for our child.

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