Organize Your Childs Toys So That You Can Find Them Easily

"Safe storage and toy maintenance are crucial to ensure safe play. We encourage parents and caregivers to teach children to put toys away after playing." - Heather Paul, Ph.D., Executive Director, National SAFE KIDS Campaign
Toys inspire feelings of ownership in children. A playgroup of toddlers quickly turns into a chorus of "mine" and "my turn!" This sense of possessiveness presents a perfect opportunity for adults to teach children that care must be given to valued belongings. At an early age, children can be taught to store their toys properly in a place selected by you. This prevents toys from being lost, stolen or damaged. In addition, it may prevent falls and keep younger children away from toys intended for older ones. It is especially important to keep toys off staircases to avoid falls.

Putting away toys also keeps them "new" to children. Kids can become bored with toys, even without playing with them, if they are in sight all the time.

Safety watch
If a storage chest is used, be sure it has a removable lid or a spring-loaded support that allows the lid to remain securely open. Also, check for smooth, finished edges, air holes to prevent suffocation and hinge-line clearances to prevent pinched fingers.

Other good options for storing and organizing toys are large, stackable plastic bins, smooth-edged baskets, or sturdy, open shelves.


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