Maternity Fashion For A Mom Expecting Multiples

Expecting more than one baby? Maria Mueller of Anna Cris Maternity has some tips on how best to accommodate your extra-expansive belly... comfortably.
Maria Mueller

Your question
I just found out that we are having triplets. I wanted to know if the maternity clothes will be able to fit me when I get bigger and last though my pregnancy? I don't want to buy a bigger size later. I also don't want my clothes to be so tight on me that I look like a blimp or a giant pumpkin. Can you please tell me where I can find great maternity clothes that will fit me throughout the pregnancy?

The expert answers
To my knowledge, there are no maternity clothes that are specifically designed for multiples. Most maternity clothes, however, are designed to allow for a wide range of growth -- some people carrying one baby, may in fact be larger than others carrying multiples! You will probably be pleasantly surprised at how your maternity clothes will expand for you.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, you may feel more comfortable in items that don't have any waistband at all, such as A-line dresses, jumpers or jumpsuits. If you prefer to wear separate bottoms, you might try something like the patented OK waistband from Japanese Weekend. This waistband falls UNDER your belly, and offers additional support and won't pull across you as you grow. (They put the waistband in every style -- pants, skirts, bike shorts, panties.)

Several other companies, such as Mimi Maternity and our own Anna Cris boutique are now offering below-the-belly jeans and pants. Many women find it exceptionally comfortable not having anything stretching across their bellies.

There are several companies offering plus-size maternity wear for the larger woman -- see some such retailers here at Showing.

Best of luck with your two little ones!

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