Watch This Hilarious And Impressive Parody Of Beyonce's Single Ladies, Performed By A Woman Who Was 38 Weeks Pregnant.

Watch this hilarious and impressive parody of Beyonce's Single Ladies, performed by a woman who was 38 weeks pregnant.
If you haven't see this spoof of Single Ladies performed by a pregnant woman who is 38 weeks along, you have to check it out! The video was created by Anthony Falcon and I was wondering if the woman was really pregnant -- she looked incredible! Besides the rockin' pregnant body, she is shakin' it in heels! Sports Illustrated confirmed the woman really was pregnant when the video was made (scroll down the page a bit). Last summer, Matt McClenahan of Van Nuys, California, sent the video to SI. He's the woman's husband. He said, "Jimmy, as a faithful peruser of Hot Clicks, I thought you might appreciate this parody of Single Ladies my wife made. At the time of the shooting, a few weeks ago, she was 38 weeks pregnant. The next week she delivered our son, Cael. There is actually a sports connection here. As a former high school wrestling coach, I was struggling to find a name I liked for our son. We settled on Cael after Cael Sanderson, the most successful NCAA wrestler of all time and an Olympic gold medalist. No pressure, right?" Watch this awesome parody of Single Ladies -- All the Pregnant Ladies -- performed by one hot mama-to-be!

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