An Article Recently Published In The Seattle Times Addresses The Question: Should Cameras Be Allowed In The Delivery Room? I Think The Answer Is Yes. What About You?

An article recently published in The Seattle Times addresses the question: Should cameras be allowed in the delivery room? I think the answer is yes. What about you?
An article recently published in The Seattle Times addresses the question: Should cameras be allowed in the delivery room? The article begins by discussing the disappointment that one mom felt when she learned that she wouldn't be allowed to have photographs taken of her delivery process. The hospital only allows photos after the baby has been born and the medical team grants permission. I'd only read the introduction in the article when the law school graduate in me immediately said, "Liability." My one and only guess for the reason that hospitals would prohibit filming or taking photos in the delivery room was that hospitals wished to avoid liability in the unfortunate event things go...wrong. However, before the author of the article addressed the liability issue, she addressed privacy concerns:
For the hospital, the issue is not about "rights" but about the health and safety of the baby and mother and about protecting the privacy of the medical staff, many of whom have no desire to become instant celebrities on Facebook or YouTube. (Source: The Seattle Times)
Of course, immediately following was a recap of a lawsuit:
Their concerns come against a backdrop of medical-malpractice suits in which video is playing a role. A typical example of a case is one settled in 2007 that involved a baby born at the University of Illinois Hospital with shoulder complications and permanent injury; video taken by the father in the delivery room showed the nurse-midwife using excessive force and led to a payment to the family of $2.3 million.
The skeptic in me firmly believes that hospitals wish to limit (or prohibit) filming or photos in the delivery room because of a fear of lawsuits. And on that point, I'm torn. While I can understand when some doctors say that they don't need the added stress or pressure, I also believe that for families who want to capture a life-altering moment, being told "no" would be a grave disappointment. Plus, I'm of the opinion that most doctor aren't going to make a mistake solely because a birth is being taped or captured in photos. I do believe, however, that doctors are concerned that a mistake could end up on video. I also know that even the best doctors in the world can make mistakes, because doctors are human and human are not perfect. And finally, I believe that when mistakes are made in medicine, patients (or their families) need to be adequately compensated. As a result, I believe that cameras should be allowed in the delivery room. I'm sure some OBGYNs and nurses would disagree, but that's my opinion! What is yours? Should cameras be allowed in the delivery room?

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